My husband drowned his phone

Now I can laugh about it. A couple of nights ago it seemed far less funny. First you have to understand my husband is addicted to his phone. It is an extension of his arm. If God gave you an option of having a hand or a phone he would choose a phone. He goes nowhere without it – and I mean absolutely nowhere.

The other night we went to bed. It was past ten and I was exhausted like all mothers out there. I crept under the sheets, closed my eyes and there it was – the scream of terror. The love of my life was in the bathroom with the look of utmost horror on his face. I did the logical thing and asked what was going on. He did look like a crocodile had attacked from the depths of the toilet bowl. He didn’t answer, pushed past me and removed the battery and sim card from his phone.

I will give you the simplified and censored explanation. Our toilet has a leak. For months it has been dripping water. I won’t go into any technical detail as I have no clue when it comes to diy. The problem is my wonderful partner hasn’t fixed it yet, so the only practical solution was for me to put a bowl beneath it. I wasn’t wasting water and neither can you hear the dripping.

That night my husband went to the bathroom and as usual took his precious phone with him. You guessed it, he dropped the phone into the bowl of water.

For the next forty minutes he diligently performed CPR on the phone which consisted of wiping and blowing with a hair dryer. I even suggested placing it in rice. I read it somewhere on the internet that rice absorbs moisture. Finally the phone returned to life.

This was however not the end. He has a Blackberry. The little troublesome device wanted an email and password to activate the phone. Email was no problem, but his highness couldn’t remember the password. It was past eleven now and I wasn’t happy. I counted the hours I had left to sleep in my head.

Hubby was now in full panic mode and I was grumpy. I knew had to save him. I switched on the computer and did a password reset for him. Another half hour had passed. I had enough. I got in bed and went to sleep while he cradled his phone and whispered something that sounded suspiciously like ‘my precious’…


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