Would you pay to see One Direction?

My teenage daughter tells me about an upcoming One Direction concert. Her friends are waiting with typical teenage angst to buy tickets. They are prepared to pay small fortunes to be in the golden circle, which is apparently as close to the stage as you can get. I wonder if you get a complimentary gold bar for the price you have to pay.

It makes me think – will I be willing to pay so much to see any rock/pop star?

I have nothing against One Direction. I’ve never listened to their music, so I can’t make any judgments. But the thought of screaming writhing hordes of people scares me to death. Especially hordes of teenagers.

After hours of thinking – yes, I have nothing better to do – I have an answer. I will pay to see Bon Jovi. I’ll even pay extra to sit on the stage. I’ll have the best seat to gawk, scream and drool. Best yet, nobody will think I’m a middle aged creepy woman…Jon Bon Jovi is older than me.

I’ll also pay to see Jason Mamoa. Lots and lots of money. But that is a fantasy for another time.

Who will you pay to see?


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